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Microsoft Windows Azure
with Bret Stateham

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In this course you will learn the tools, technologies and techniques for developing .NET applications that run on the Windows Azure platform.

Course includes 10+ hours of total training time...

  • 10 modules of training
  • Over 10 hours of media run time
  • Sample code
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Windows Azure



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Course Outline(Outlines are subject to change.)

Microsoft Windows Azure

Modules Run Time
10 10 hours

In this course you will learn the tools, technologies and techniques for developing .NET applications that run on the Windows Azure platform. At the completion of this course you should have the understanding and skills to develop applications that use Windows Azure Web, Worker and Virtual Machine roles, leverage the Azure Table, Queue and Blob storage services, and interact with SQL Azure databases.

In this course, you will learn:
  • What the Windows Azure platform offers
  • How to develop web applications in Azure using Web Roles
  • How to perform background processing or service hosting with Worker Roles
  • How to configure your Azure services and roles
  • How to manage communications between your roles
  • How to publish your applications to Azure
  • How to work with Azure storage (Tables, Queues, and Blobs)
  • How to create and use SQL Azure databases
  • How to access Azure services with Windows Phone 7 Applications
Windows Azure Overview
  • Introduction to Cloud Solutions
  • Introduction to the Developer Tools
  • Creating a Simple Azure Service
Windows Azure Web Roles
  • Windows Azure Web Roles
  • Configuring Web Roles
  • Windows Azure APIs
Windows Azure Worker Roles
  • Windows Azure Worker Roles
  • Inter-Role Communication
  • Deploying Packages Using Visual Studio
Windows Azure Storage
  • Windows Azure Local Storage
  • Windows Azure Storage Services
  • Windows Azure Storage APIs
Windows Azure Table Storage
  • Azure Table Storage
  • Azure Table Storage APIs
  • Connecting to Azure Table Storage
  • Working with Tables and Entities
Windows Azure Queue Storage
  • Azure Queue Service Architecture
  • Sending and Receiving Messages
  • Managing Queue Contents
Windows Azure Blob Storage
  • Azure Blob Architecture and API
  • Uploading and Reading Blobs
  • Managing Blobs
SQL Azure Overview
  • Introducing SQL Azure
  • Deploying Objects to SQL Azure
  • Using SQL Azure with ASP.NET Providers
Virtual Machine Roles
  • Understanding Virtual Machine Roles
  • Creating and Uploading a Virtual Machine VHD
  • Adding a Virtual Machine Role to Your Project
Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows Phone 7
  • Installation and Azure Control Services Integration
  • Azure Storage Integration
  • Push Notifications

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Your Instructor

Bret Stateham, is the owner of a technical training and consultant company, Net Connex. He has been both working and teaching on Microsoft platforms since the DOS day, and has over twenty years experience in the IT field, and over a decade of experience as a trainer. Bret has contributed to multiple books and is a frequent speaker at regional events.

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