z/OS Assembler Language - Introduction

Mainframe Training Overview

This class is an introduction to Assembler Language programming. Topics include an overview of computer architecture, review of instruction formats, and basic assembler language instructions.

Mainframe Training Audience

This class is intended for programmers or operators that have a good understanding of basic z/OS architecture.

Mainframe Training Prerequisites

Experience with a programming language preferred.

Mainframe Training Course duration

5 days

Mainframe Training Course outline

Introduction to computer systems architecture

  Review how data is represented in storage.

Introduce addressing concepts; absolute and relative.

Examine the use of registers and how they are used in instructions.

Introduce the Program Status Word (PSW).

Basic Instructions

  LOAD/STORE instructions.

MOVE instructions

Data definitions

Assembler Language Program Structure

  Introduction to save/restore register conventions.

Overview of general register usage.

Establishing program addressability.

Conditional Instructions

  COMPARE instructions.

BRANCH instructions

Basic I/O Operations

  Introduction to macros.

OPEN/CLOSE processing of sequential files


Mathematical Operations

  Arithmetic operations using decimal instructions.

Performing binary arithmetic operations.

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