Mainframe programming Training

Wintrac offers top quality Mainframe Training with a unique combination of great instructors, delivery options, and a learning environment that clearly distinguishes it from other companies. Our Mainframe Training allow theoretical concepts to be reinforced with extensive hands-on labs. The design of our Mainframe Training allows us to offer both standard and custom courses that meet our client's needs.

Wintrac instructors are among the best of the best. Typical Wintrac instructors average more than 15 years of technical and hands-on experience in the software disciplines they teach. They combine hands-on consulting work with teaching to ensure that their knowledge is not purely academic. Many of them are frequent consultants and speakers at conferences and tradeshows. They are excellent communicators and bring an unmatched enthusiasm for teaching.

Wintrac provides high quality customized, affordable onsite Mainframe Training and does not provide public enrollment classes. Wintrac Mainframe Training can be cost effective for even small groups of 2-3 people. Our Mainframe courses can be customized for your needs. Experienced instructors can address problems and issues specific to your company. We can use your facilities or arrange for Training facilities in your area. Please contact us by email or call us at 503-259-0312 for more details and a FREE evaluation of your Training needs.

Mainframe Bootcamps

z/OS Internals Boot Camp
z/OS Technical Bootcamp
IBM Mainframe COBOL bootcamp


AS400 Introduction

PL/1 courses

Basic PL/1 Programming


ISPF Dialog Manager


TCP/IP and VTAM Networking Concepts
TCP/IP Diagnostics and Debugging (4 days)


CA-Easytrieve Plus Fundamentals
CA-Easytrieve Plus Advanced Topics

REXX Programming
Basic Assembler Language

z/OS courses

z/OS Internals Boot Camp
z/OS Technical Bootcamp
Zowe Introduction
z/OS Assembler Language - Introduction
z/OS Assembler Language - Intermediate
z/OS Assembler Language - Advanced
z/OS Assembler Language - Advanced Technical Workshop
z/OS Fundamentals (5 days)
z/OS Assembler Language - Data Management Topics
z/OS Diagnostics and Debugging
z/OS Fundamentals for Operators
z/OS Assembler Language - Advanced Topics
z/OS Internals
z/OS System Operation and Facilities
z/OS Performance and Tuning
z/OS Systems Overview for Operators
VSAM, IDCAMS and COBOL Programming

Cobol courses

COBOL Programming
COBOL Programming Advanced Topics
Advanced Object-Oriented COBOL Programming
COBOL Basic Programming for Assembler Programmers
Enterprise COBOL Overview
Enterprise COBOL Programming
COBOL for z/OS and LE/370 Workshop
COBOL- Debugging in Language Environment(LE)

JCL courses

Interactive System Productivity Facility (ISPF)
Job Control Language (JCL) And z/OS Utilities (3 days)
Job Control Language (JCL) And z/OS Utilities (4 days)
JCL Advanced Topics
Job Control Language (JCL) & Utilities Advanced Topics

FileAid Courses

File-AID for z/OS

IMS Courses

IMS Database Programming
IMS TM Programming with MFS

CICS Courses

CICS COBOL Programming
CICS Advanced Workshop
CICS Fundamentals
CICS Command Level Programming with BMS
CICS Transaction Server for z/OS
CICS for z/OS Version 3.1
CICS/TS Web server implementation
CICS/TS Webservices
Application Debugging Workshop
CICS for System Programmer
CICS for z/OS Structure & Problem Analysis

Xpediter Courses

Xpediter IMS
Xpediter TSO / Batch

Structure / Management Courses

Successful Project Management
Structured Systems Analysis and Design


Advanced Performance Management: WLM, Sysplex, and USS
Parallel Sysplex Advanced Operations & Recovery
z/OS Parallel Sysplex Concepts for System Programmers
Parallel Sysplex for Operators
z/OS Parallel Sysplex - Managing Performance
Parallel Sysplex Overview & Operations
Parallel Sysplex - Setup and Operation


SMP/E Fundamentals

Other Courses

JES2 for Systems Programmers
Introduction to REXX
JES2 Facilities and Operations
Understanding Workload Manager (WLM)

Please look at our DB2 course page for a complete list of our DB2 courses.

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