JES2 for Systems Programmers

Mainframe Training Overview

This course provides the fundamentals of JES2 to I/T professionals. It is intended to provide the student with the understanding to control, customize, and administer the JES2 subsystem in a z/OS environment.

Mainframe Training Audience

Systems programmers with a need to understand JES2

Mainframe Training Prerequisites

z/OS Overview

Mainframe Training Delivery method

Instructor led, hands-on workshops

Mainframe Training Course duration

4 Days

Mainframe Training Course outline

I. Introduction to JES2 Concepts

    A. Introduction to JES2 Checkpoint and Spool Operations

    B. Examination of JES2 Job execution phases

    C. JES2 and Workload Manager (WLM)

    D. JES2 Configuration Options
      1. Setting up a secondary JES2 subsystem (Poly-JES)
II. JES2 Initialization
    A. JES2 Start-up options

    B. Dynamic PROCLIBs

    C. Initialization options, commands, and usage

    D. JES2 Patching facility
III. Controlling JES2 Processes
    A. JES2 device assignments

    B. Internal Reader Facility

    C. Job selection criteria and job initiation

    D. Output management
IV. Spool Volumes and Operation
    A. Spool volume allocation

    B. Spool Management

    C. Spool Offload Facility
V. JES2 Checkpoint Processing
    A. Checkpoint Sizing and Placement

    B. Checkpoint Configuration Considerations

    C. Checkpoint Reconfiguration Dialogues

    D. JES2 Checkpoint and the Coupling Facility
VI. JES2 Network Job Entry (NJE) and Remote Job Entry (RJE)
    A. Network Job Entry (NJE) Definitions

    B. Networking Considerations and Topology

    C. Remote Job entry (RJE) Definitions
VII. JES2 Monitor
    A. Introduction to the JES2 monitor and commands

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