z/OS Internals Boot Camp

Mainframe Training Overview

This course provides a detailed examination of z/OS for systems programmers. Topics include an introduction to z/OS architecture, system services and functions, storage management mechanisms, and I/O processes. Each section will also explore the associated control block structures associated with the z/OS operations being looked at. In addition, the student will become familiar with using the z/OS Data Areas documentation, and analyzing numerous dumps and trace data to gather information about problems.

Mainframe Training Audience

Experienced systems programmers with a need for a more detailed understanding of z/OS functions. Due to the technical nature of this material, the student should have several years experience in the z/OS environment.

Mainframe Training Course duration

10 days

Mainframe Training Course outline

Introduction to Computer Systems Architecture

  • Examine processor architecture and its role in supporting z/OS facilities.
  • Introduction to storage hierarchy: L1 - L4 cache memories and various architectural enhancements to enable processors to achieve their rated speeds.
  • Review of processor power ratings and their associated metrics.
z/OS Architecture
  • Interrupt handling and SVC functions
  • PSA, Fixed Storage, and the CVT
  • Address space structure
  • Cross memory services
System Initialization (IPL)
  • IPL process details
  • IPL Program functions
  • Nuclear Initialization Program
  • Master Scheduler Initialization
  • Stand-alone dumps
  • IPL related problems
System Services and Functions
  • Role of z/OS Dispatcher
  • Task management
  • Dispatcher traces
  • Task and Contents Management Control Block relationships
  • Task management dump analysis
Storage Management Mechanisms
  • Real storage management: Central and expanded storage usage
  • Virtual storage management: Paging/Swapping mechanisms
  • Auxiliary storage management
  • Storage traces
  • Storage Control Block relationships
  • Storage management dump analysis
I/O Processing
  • Components of I/O operation: Introduction to channel command processing
  • Access method services
  • I/O Tracing
  • I/O Control Block relationships
  • Data set internals
  • I/O and data set dump analysis
z/OS Exploitation Opportunities
  • Dataspaces/Hiperspaces: Access register usage
  • Component traces
z/OS Workload Management
  • Using SMF Type 99 records

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