Basic PL/1 Programming

Mainframe Training Overview:

This course presents the basic concepts of PL/1 programming, including program structure, statements, arithmetic, data manipulation and file processing. Efficiency techniques are presented that ensures the optimum use of PL/1 and system resources. Hands-on workshops are used to reinforce concepts.

Mainframe Training Audience:

This course is designed for programmers that need to learn the basics of PL/1 programming.

Mainframe Training Prerequisites

The prerequisite for this course is Getting Started with z/OS TSO/ISPF or equivalent experience. Also, Getting Started with z/OS JCL & Utilities is helpful.

Mainframe Training Course duration:

4 days

Mainframe Training Objectives:

Upon successful completion of this course, the student should be able to:

  • Define and code the statements that can be used in a PL/1 program.
  • Code an efficient and complete PL/1 program that performs common business functions.
  • Test and debug programs using various z/OS tools.
  • Call other programs from a PL/1 program.
  • Perform file access and table management in a PL/1 program
Mainframe Training Technical Requirements:

This class requires terminals with access to TSO/ISPF and the facility to submit and view batch jobs.

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