Job Control Language (JCL) & Utilities Advanced Topics

Mainframe Training Overview

This course is a combination of lecture, discussion and hands-on lab sessions
  • JES processing
  • Use several commonly used IBM utilities
  • JCL Procedures are built and "overridden"
  • Recognize, analyze & correct typical ABENDs "caused" by JCL "errors".
  • Discuss JCL conditional processing is covered in detail
Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of the course, each student will be able to -
  • Describe the function of JES
  • Use the Sort/Merge utility and other IBM utilities - IDCAMS, IEBGENER, IEBCOPY
  • Create and use JCL procedures
  • Analyze JCL abends
  • Describe the JCL conditional parameters - COND and IF ENDIF
  • Use DFSORT and ICETOOLs to build quick reports and to build more efficient batch JCL
Mainframe Training Audience

This course is for entry level programmers or experienced information processing personnel who need an in-depth knowledge of some JCL (Job Control Language) Advanced topics.

  • Participants should have a good working knowledge of data processing fundamentals.
  • TSO/ISPF experience is needed for signing on and using the editor.
  • Basic JCL experience is needed for building JCL, running and reviewing JOB output
Mainframe Training Course duration

3 days

Mainframe Training Course outline

Day 1 - Utilities
  • Workshops

    JCL conditional processing
    • COND
    • IF ENDIF
    • JCL Workshop
Day 2 - JCL Procedures
  • Introduction to JCL procedures
  • PROC statement
  • PEND statement
  • Using procedures - in-stream and catalogued
  • Overriding procedures
  • PROCedures JCL Workshop
  • DFSORT & ICETOOL Workshop
  • Appendix A - JCL Summary
  • Appendix B - JES Listing COBOLCLG
  • Appendix C - JCL Assessment
  • Appendix D - Model JCL Statements
  • Appendix E - Basic JCL Exercises
  • Appendix F - Utility Exercises
  • Appendix G - PROC exercises
  • Appendix H - The Final Workshop
  • Appendix I - Instream PROCs
  • Appendix J - ICETOOL
  • Appendix K - Other SORT Examples
  • Appendix L - JCL Errors to fix
  • Appendix M - Calc Disk Space

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