Mainframe Training Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of the course, each student will be able to -

  • Describe the benefits of using SELCOPY
  • Describe the Syntax and Commands
  • List the type of files that are accessible
  • Describe how to PRINT to a file
  • Use JCL to run SELCOPY batch jobs
  • List the Programming Constructs
  • Describe how to Altering data
  • Describe how to Convert Binary / Decimal data to external display / readable format
  • List the Branching techniques
  • Describe the access to Subroutine
  • Describe how to READ INTO parts of storage
  • Describe how to Printing parts of storage
  • Execute SELCOPY Samples
Mainframe Training Audience

Application Programmers, System Analysts, Operations Analysts and Operators who require who must use CBL's SELCOPY to Copy files, Print files, and Select certain portions of files.

Mainframe Training Prerequisites

Six month experience using JCL and TSO/ISPF is required.

Mainframe Training Course duration

1 day

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