Job Control Language (JCL) And z/OS Utilities

Mainframe Training Overview

This course is a combination of lecture, discussion and hands-on lab sessions.

First, an overview of JCL is given which describes the purpose of JCL, its relationship to the operating system, and the format / rules for coding.

Then, the JOB, EXEC and DD statements are covered extensively.

The purpose and use of each statement is described in detail; along with many parameters available to provide information to the operating system.

Procedures and several commonly used IBM utilities are covered in detail.

Recognize, analyze & correct typical ABENDs "caused" by JCL "errors".

Mainframe Training Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of the course, each student will be able to -

  • Describe z/OS operating system functions
  • Describe Job Control Language statement syntax and format
  • Create and use the JOB statement and its parameters
  • Create and use EXEC statements and its parameters
  • Create and use DD statements and its parameters
  • Describe the need for and use JCL procedures
  • Create and use JCL procedures
  • Analyze and correct typical JCL ABENDs
  • Use the Sort utility and several other IBM utilities
  • Describe the function of JES
Mainframe Training Audience

This course is for entry level programmers or experienced information processing personnel who need an in-depth knowledge of JCL (Job Control Language).

Mainframe Training Prerequisites

Participants should have a good working knowledge of data processing fundamentals.

Mainframe Training Course duration

4 days

Mainframe Training Course outline

Day 1 - JCL Basics
  • Job Control language (JCL) Overview
    • Introduction to Job Control Language (JCL)
      • Operating Systems - overview, I/O functions, data management functions
      • The function of JCL
      • How JCL is interpreted
    • Job Entry Subsystem (JES) functions
    • JCL Statement Coding Format
    • JCL Statement Types
    • JCL Procedures
  • JCL Statements & Parameters
    • JOB statement & Parameters - CLASS, MSGCLASS, MSGLEVEL, NOTIFY
    • EXEC statement & Parameters - PGM, PARM, COND, TIME
    • Comments
    • Workshops
Day 2 - Utilities
  • Workshops
Day 3 - JCL Procedures
  • Introduction to JCL procedures
  • PROC statement
  • PEND statement
  • Using procedures - in-stream and catalogued
  • Overriding procedures
  • Workshops
Day 4 - More JCL
  • Additional JCL topics
  • Fixing JCL Errors
  • Final Workshop

Appendix A - JCL Summary

Appendix B - JES Listing COBOLCLG

Appendix C - JCL Assessment

Appendix D - Model JCL Statements

Appendix E - Basic JCL Exercises

Appendix F - Utility Exercises

Appendix G - PROC exercises

Appendix H - The Final Workshop

Appendix I - Instream PROCs

Appendix J - ICETOOL

Appendix K - Other SORT Examples

Appendix L - JCL Errors to fix

Appendix M - Calc Disk Space

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