ISPF Dialog Manager

Mainframe Training Overview

This course introduces the student to the ISPF Dialog Management component to develop the skills necessary to create ISPF panels, JCL skeletons, use ISPF Table services, and exploit Library Management functions.

Mainframe Training Audience

Systems programmers or programmers with a need to develop applications within the ISPF environment .

Mainframe Training Prerequisites:

REXX programming

Delivery method

Instructor led, hands-on workshops

Mainframe Training Course duration

5 Days

Mainframe Training Course outline

I. Introduction to ISPF Dialog Manager

    A. Setup and data set requirements

    B. ISPF Facilities

    C. Dialog Management elements

    D. ISPF Services
II. Defining and setting up panels

    A. Basic syntax

    B. Panel sections

    C. Panel design
III. Developing panels

    A. ISPF variables

    B. Assigning attributes

    C. Action bars

    D. Using areas - )AREA

    E. Establishing the )BODY section

    F. ISPF Table services
IV. Panel Logic

    A. Internal REXX

    B. Panel operations and logic

    C. Variables

    D. Setting up )HELP
V. Using ISPF Services

    A. Display services

    B. Variable services

    C. Select services

    D. Defining messages
VI. File Tailoring and Skeleton Services

    A. Skeleton definitions

    B. Skeleton logic

    C. Using variables
VII. Library Management Services

    A. EDIT and BROWSE

    B. Processing data set members

    C. Updating data set members

    D. Variables

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