Xpediter TSO / Batch

Mainframe Training Learning Objectives

As a result of the class, the student will be able to -

  • Modify the Xpediter SetUp to test programs that TSO / Batch
  • Use the Xpediter Debugging Tools / Commands to examine program execution
  • Convert the "standard" Compile & Link JCL to it's Xpediter counterpart
  • Prepare a program to run under Xpediter
  • Use Xpediter to Debug via TSO programs that run as Batch Programs
  • Intercept and debug the execution of subroutines under Xpediter
  • Discuss and use 10 Xpediter Commands for debugging
    • Suspend program execution at any point
    • Display and change program data variables
    • Alter program logic
    • Trap and recover from program errors
    • Set statement execution counts
    • Resume execution from any point in the program
    • View and interact with source code online

This course is for Analysts, Programmers, Team Leads and Managers who need to trace the execution of TSO / Batch programs and debug the those programs.

Mainframe Training Course outline

0. Introduction to Xpediter

1. Accessing Xpediter in TSO

2. Convert "standard" Compile & Link JCL and Xpediter Program Preparation

3. Xpediter Commands

4. Use Xpediter to Debug Batch Programs


       Appendix A - Xpediter LOG Example

       Appendix B - Xpediter PARMS

       Appendix C - The Compile & Link JCL - Before and AFTER conversion for Xpediter

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