z/OS Internals

Mainframe Training Overview

This course provides a detailed examination of z/OS for systems programmers. Topics include an introduction to computer systems hardware and an exploration of z/OS architecture, system services and functions, storage management mechanisms, and I/O processes. Each section will also explore the associated control block structures associated with the z/OS operations being looked at.

Mainframe Training Audience

Experienced systems programmers with a need for a more detailed understanding of z/OS functions. Due to the technical nature of this material, the student should have several years experience in the z/OS environment.

Mainframe Training Course duration

5 days

Mainframe Training Course outline

Introduction to Computer Systems Architecture

  Examine processor architecture and its role in supporting z/OS facilities.

Introduction to storage hierarchy: L1 and L2 cache memories and various architectural enhancements to enable processors to achieve their rated speeds.

Review of processor power ratings and their associated metrics.

z/OS Architecture

  Interrupt handling and SVC functions

Address space structure

Cross memory services

Logical partitioning (LPAR)

System Initialization (IPL)

  IPL process details

IPL Program functions

Nuclear Initialization Program

Master Scheduler Initialization

System Services and Functions

  Role of z/OS Dispatcher

Task management

Resource serialization

Recovery/Termination management

Virtual Lookaside Facility (VLF)

Storage Management Mechanisms

  Real storage management:

         Central and expanded storage usage

Virtual storage management:

         Paging/Swapping mechanisms

Auxiliary storage management

I/O Processing

  Introduction to DASD hardware functions:

         CKD, ECKD, and FBA devices

         Parallel Access Volumes (PAV)

         Volume Affinity

Disk arrays (RAID)

Components of I/O operation:

         Introduction to channel command processing

Access method services

Caching mechanisms

z/OS Exploitation Opportunities


         Access register usage



Batch LSR

Parallel sysplex

Data buffering

z/OS Workload Management

  Metrics associated with performance objectives

Basic control mechanisms of WLM

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