z/OS Parallel Sysplex - Managing Performance

Mainframe Training Overview

This course examines the performance issues that occur when using a parallel sysplex. Processor architecture and the impact of various configurations will be presented. The Coupling Facility, which forms the basis of IBM's unique method for high-speed data-sharing across all systems, is discussed at length and in significant detail. The course begins with an introduction to performance management that examines the terminology, components and issues unique to a parallel sysplex.. The presentation then moves into the details of analysis, monitoring, and tuning a parallel sysplex environment.

Mainframe Training Audience

Systems Programmers, Capacity Planning Analysis and anyone who wants a better understanding of the performance issues associated with the S/390 Parallel Sysplex.

Mainframe Training Prerequisites

z/OS Structure and Logic course or equivalent knowledge.

Mainframe Training Course duration

3 days

Mainframe Training Course outline

Concepts and architecture
        Examine the components of a parallel sysplex and the performance issues which are unique to that         environment.
        Review the architecture and operation of the coupling facility
        Discuss configuration choices and impact on performance

SYSPLEX Performance Considerations
        Overhead calculations for parallel sysplex operation
        Examine Coupling Facility signaling performance and the factors that may affect throughput
        Establish Coupling Facility sizing and tuning requirements
        Review performance considerations for Couple data sets
        Evaluate tuning options for XCF/XES services
        Examine XCF and CF RMF Reports

Workload Manager Considerations
        Examine impact of WLM managed initiators
        Determine requirements for Resource Affinity Scheduling and Scheduling environments
        Understanding workload balancing algorithms

Batch Performance
        Tuning batch workloads
        Special features: BatchLSR, Batchpipes

Subsystem Performance
        IMS/CICS Structures
        DB2 Considerations
        Subsystem tuning

Data Sharing Considerations
        VSAM RLS
        MVS System Logger
        JES2 Checkpoint
        GRS Ring/Star

* Workstations are needed for this session

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