IMS Database Programming

Mainframe Training Overview

This is a lecture, discussion, and hands-on programming course covering IMS/VS database programming concepts, design, coding, testing and debugging.

Segment Search Arguments (SSAs) are covered in detail along with emphasis on checking the PCB mask to understand the results of IMS database calls.

Each workshop is preceded by lecture, discussion, and written exercise sessions.

Mainframe Training Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of the course, each student will be able to -

  • Code DL/I calls for the following functions -
    • GU, GN, GNP
    • GHU, GHN, GHNP
  • Check the status code for the success for EACH calls
  • Modify a skeleton COBOL program for the following -
    • Calls with NO SSAs
    • Qualified calls with Unqualified SSAs
    • Qualified calls with Qualified SSAs
    • Command codes
    • Boolean Qualifications
Mainframe Training Audience

This course is for students who must understand and code Data Language/I (DL/I) to access segments in IMS/VS databases.

Mainframe Training Prerequisites

A familiarity with conventional file organizations for sequential and direct access to data records is needed. Six months of experience with COBOL and JCL is required. Also, the completion of an Introduction to IMS/VS class or equivalent experience is recommended.

Mainframe Training Course duration

5 days

Mainframe Training Course outline

Day 1 - Course Introduction
        1. Database Terminology, Concepts and Facilities

        2. IMS Access Methods

        3. IMS Data Blocks

        4. Hotel Chain Data Base

        5. IMS Application Program Structure

Day 2
        6. DL/I Random Retrieval

        7. DL/I Sequential Retrieval

Day 3
        8. DL/I Loading and Inserting Segments

        9. DL/I Deleting and Updating Segments

Day 4
        10. DL/I Command Codes

        11. Additional IMS DataBase Topics

Day 5
        Completion of Workshop Exercises

        A - DL/I Status Codes

        B - The Main Workshop

        C - Hints and Reminders

        D - COBOL Programming Exercises

        E - IMS Bibliography

        F - DL/I Utility Program - DFSDDLT0

        G - IMS Sample Program

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