Advanced Object-Oriented COBOL Programming

Mainframe Training Overview:

This course introduces the Object-Oriented paradigm for COBOL programmers. Using the IBM Enterprise COBOL compiler, student examine the structure of an object-oriented COBOL program. Program classes are defined for instantiating objects for application processing. Methods within an object program are coded and invoked using client programs. Inheritance and method overloading is discussed and implemented. Hands-on workshops are used to reinforce concepts.

Mainframe Training Audience:

This course is designed for experienced COBOL programmers that will create Object-Oriented COBOL programs.

Mainframe Training Prerequisites

The prerequisite for this course is Intermediate COBOL Concepts or equivalent experience.

Mainframe Training Course duration:

5 days

Mainframe Training Objectives:

Upon successful completion of this course, the student should be able to:

  • Describe the Object-Oriented paradigm.
  • List the benefits of Object-Oriented programs for implementing applications.
  • Code a COBOL class program.
  • Code and invoke methods within an Object COBOL program.
  • Code client programs that instantiate COBOL objects.
  • Use inheritance to extend COBOL classes for increased reusability.
  • Create Factory programs to extend legacy procedural COBOL programs.
Mainframe Training Technical Requirements:

This class requires terminals with access to TSO/ISPF with a facility to submit and view batch jobs. Also requires access to the COBOL system libraries.

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