Interactive System Productivity Facility (ISPF)

Mainframe Training Overview

This course begins with an introduction to the ISPF menu structure, menu navigation, and dataset description..

Next the ever useful PF KEYs and their functions are persented and discussed.

Utility functions to allocate a new dataset, delete a dataset, and copy one dataset to another are demonstrated.

The Primary and Line commands of EDIT are covered in detail.

Next, Job submission and output review also covered.

Lastly, we review the use of the HELP facility to review and / or to learn more about ISPF functions.

Several hands-on exercises provide experience in the use of ISPF facilities including menu structure navigation, file allocation and deletion, copy data from one dataset to another and the Help facility.

Mainframe Training Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of the course, each student will be able to -

  • Navigate the ISPF menu structure
  • Describe the characteristics of datasets
  • Describe and use PF keys
  • Allocate and delete datasets
  • Copy data from one dataset to another
  • Use the Primary and Line commands of EDIT
  • Submit jobs and review output
  • Use the ISPF Help facility
Mainframe Training Audience

This course is for entry level programmers or experienced information processing personnel who need a knowledge of the Interactive System Productivity Facility (ISPF).

Mainframe Training Prerequisites

Participants should have a good working knowledge of data processing fundamentals.

Mainframe Training Course duration

1 day

Mainframe Training Course outline

I. Introduction to the ISPF menu structure
A. Menu navigation.
B. Jumping within the menu structure

II. PF Keys - Using and Changing

III. Utility Functions
A. Allocating Datasets
B. Deleting datasets
C. Copying Datasets
D. Reviewing dataset characteristics

IV. EDIT facility
A. Edit Overview
B. Primary Commands
C. Line Commands

V. Job Submission and Output Review

VI. Help facility

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