z/OS Assembler Language - Intermediate

Mainframe Training Overview

This class is an intermediate level course in Assembler Language programming. Topics include an introduction into subroutines, interruptible instructions and indexing

Mainframe Training Audience

This class is intended for experienced programmers that have a good understanding of basic z/OS architecture.

Mainframe Training Prerequisites

Assembler Language Introduction

Mainframe Training Course duration

5 days

Mainframe Training Course outline

Assembler Language Program Structure

  Review register conventions

Review data definitions; introduce address constants (ADCON and VCON).

CSECT and DSECT usage

Using multiple base registers

Using Instructions with Indexes and Masks

  LOAD instructions.

Data arrays and tables.


  Test Under Mask

Insert/Store character instructions.

Shift instructions.

Arithemetic Instructions

  Floating point operations

Basic I/O Operations

  Review QSAM file processing

Introduction to BSAM processing

Calling external programs

  CALL, LOAD, LINK, and XCTL instructions.

Use of WAIT/POST macros.

Managing subtasks

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