Understanding Workload Manager (WLM)

Mainframe Training Overview

This class is a lecture-workshop for experienced systems programmers and performance analysts with a focus on WLM controls and operation. The course will explore the decision-making processes employed by WLM and how they can be monitored and evaluated.

Mainframe Training Audience

This class is intended for experienced systems programmers and performance analysts with a basic understanding of WLM definitions

Mainframe Training Course duration

3 days

Mainframe Training Course outline

Service class definitions

  Importance levels

Execution velocity

Response time goals

Performance Index

Classification rules

Setting exception conditions

  Resource groups

CPU/storage critical settings

Service coefficients and options

  Service coefficients

I/O priority management

Dynamic alias management

Applications environment

  Specifying and managing application environments

Server limits for application environment

Scheduling environments

  Specifying scheduling environments

Managing resource states

WLM managed initiators

Intelligent Resource Director

  LPAR CPU Management

Dynamic Channel Path Management

Channel Subsystem Priority Queuing

Workload licensing limits

SMF type 99 records

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