Zowe Introduction

Mainframe Training Overview

This is a hands-on, workshop class for using Zowe to access the z/OS capabilities from a client, cloud-based workstation cloud platform.
This course guides you through the following steps -

  • Log in to the Zowe Desktop
  • Submit and View job results by using TN3270 from the Zowe Desktop
  • Query jobs with filters and view the related status by using the GUI JES Explorer
  • View, edit, submit datasets/files by using the GUI MVS Explorer
  • Issue workstation and z/OS commands using Zowe Command Level Interface (CLI)
  • Use CLI to Change z/OS datasets/files on a workstation via download, edit/save, upload
  • Extending the capabilities of Zowe API, Application Framework, CLI
Learning Objectives
Upon successful completion Students will be able to:
  • Logon onto Zowe
  • Access the IBM z/OS system via the TN3270 emulator ("same as" z/OS ISPF access)
  • GUI JES Explorer reviews the JOB output (status and print reports) - similar to SDSD
  • GUI MVS Explorer to view and edit z/OS datasets (z/OS edit (=2) & Dataset List (=3.4))
  • Zowe CLI runs workstation and z/OS command / programs
  • Change z/OS datasets on the local client via the Zowe Download, change and Upload
  • Extend Zowe with new enhancements for APIs, Application Frameworks, and CLI
Mainframe Training Audience

Information Technology professionals who want an Introduction to Zowe, the open source access to the IBM mainframe (z/OS) environment using a client, cloud-based workstation.

Mainframe Training Prerequisites

No z/OS experience is needed; although it may be helpful
A Zowe environment is needed for the hands-on workshops

Mainframe Training Course duration

1 day

Mainframe Training Course outline

1. Sign on to Zowe

2. The TN3270 - the standard z/OS access

  • Standard TSO sign on
  • Edit / Save a z/OS a JCL dataset
  • Submit the Job to the batch
  • Review job output
3. The JES Explorer - access SDSF via Zowe Web (GUI) access from Start button

4. The MVS Explorer - access DSList via Zowe Web (GUI) access from Start button
  • Edit / Save
  • Submit
  • Review output
5. Zowe Command Line Interface (CLI) for line commands
  • Run Java
  • Run JavaScript
  • Run REXX
6. Change a z/OS file in Zowe
  • Download a z/OS dataset/file
  • Edit and save
  • Upload the changed z/OS dataset/file
7. Extending Zowe via APIs, Plug-ins, CLI enhancements

8. Hands-on Workshops

  • Appendix A - Documentation List

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