z/OS Assembler Language - Advanced

Mainframe Training Overview

This class is an advanced level course in Assembler Language programming. Topics include an introduction into 31-bit programming, reentrant programming and other advanced techniques.

Mainframe Training Audience

This class is intended for experienced programmers that have a good understanding of basic z/OS architecture.

Mainframe Training Course duration

5 days

Mainframe Training Course outline

Storage Usage Options

  GETMAIN/FREEMAIN storage management

Introduction to access registers.

Introduction to dataspaces and Hiperspaces

Introduction to 31-bit addressing

  Modal instructions and basic operations

Advanced Instructions

  Translate and Test (TRT)

Editing instructions (EDMK)

Basic I/O Operations

  Processing VSAM files.

Introduction to BPAM processing.

Analyzing System Dumps

  Introduction to control blocks

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