z/OS Diagnostics and Debugging

Mainframe Training Overview

This class is a lecture-workshop for experienced systems programmers with a focus on using the tools available to narrow down the scope of system problems, identify failed components and debug operating systems problems. Emphasis will be on problem diagnosis and "hands-on" exercises using the available tools.

Mainframe Training Audience

This class is intended for experienced systems programmers with a good understanding of TSO/E, JCL and z/OS functions.

Mainframe Training Course duration

5 days

Mainframe Training Course outline

Problem types and their diagnosis


System "hangs" or wait states

System or component loops

Incorrect output or corrupt operation problems

Performance/availability problems

Component identification and isolation

Diagnostic tools and their usage


Tracing mechanisms


Service Aids


System failure versus recoverable scenarios

Session Content

I. Problem diagnosis overview

  a. Types of problems

b. Component failure isolation approaches

c. Assessment

d. Specifying symptoms


  a. Verbs and functions

b. CLISTS and customization options

III. Abends and dump processing

  a. Dump types
  1. SVC Dumps
  2. Stand-alone dumps and their use
  3. Abend dumps
  4. SNAP dumps
  5. Transaction dumps
b. System and component reference data

IV. SLIP Traps

V. Tracing tools and procedures

  a. System trace (ST)

b. Master trace

c. Generalized tracing facility (GTF)

d. Component trace (CT)

e. Transaction trace


VI. Service Aids

  a. SPZAP


VII. Additional diagnostic data

  a. LOGREC data

VIII. Assessing system recovery options

  a. Spin loops

b. Performance/availability problems

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