DB2 10 - Systems Overview and SQL Enhancements


This course introduces the attendee to the new SQL and application features of DB2 10 for z/OS ("DB2 10"). It covers all the new SQL and Optimization features


  • OLAP moving sums and moving averages
  • PL/SQL Enhancements
  • XML Enhancements
  • Native Stored Procedure enhancements
  • Row Permission and Column Mask
  • Temporal tables and versioning - SYSTEM_TIME and BUSINESS_TIME
  • Enhancements are provided for SQL scalar functions and SQL table functions
  • Implicit casting enhanced
  • More flexibility in number of digits for fractions of seconds & allowing timestamps with time zones
  • User group requirements satisfied

This is a Technical Introduction course for Programmers, Analysts, Team Leads, Managers, Database Administrators who need to understand and use the new "Application" features of DB2 V10


Six Month of experience using DB2 UDB for z/OS is recommended.

Course duration

Half day

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