Delegation Skills:Perfecting the “Hand-off”


Effective delegation is one of the most important processes behind a successful organization. In this ½ day course, students will learn the definition of delegation, difficulties that can arise with delegation and ways to overcome them, the benefits of effective delegation, and how to implement a successful delegation process.


Management and other business professionals



Course duration:

1/2 Day

Course outline:

1. Delegation Skills

  • Why is it Important to Delegate?
  • What Gets in Our Way of Delegating?
  • What are the Benefits of Delegating?
  • What Tasks or Projects Can you Delegate?
  • A Delegation Quiz
  • Steps to Effective Delegation
  • Step 1: Analyzing the Task
  • The Who, What, When, How and Why of
  • Delegation
  • “Delegating for Diehards”
  • Step 2: Selecting the Delegatee
  • Identifying the Skills Needed
  • Matching the Job Requirements to the Delegatee
  • Determining Training and Other Support Needed
  • Establishing Checkpoints
  • Step 3: Passing the Baton
  • Describing the Task Goal and Why the Delegatee Was Chosen
  • Being Specific About Responsibility and Authority
  • Step 4: Look Before you Leap
  • Asking if the Task Has a Well-Defined Goal
  • Determining How it Will Affect Delegatee’s Workload
  • Asking if the Delegatee Needs Special Training
  • Recognizing Inherent Risks
  • Step 5: Executing the Task
  • Recognizing Issues That May Arise During the Course of the Task
  • Step 6: Conducting Regular Feedback Sessions
  • Keeping the Delegator Informed
  • Case Study: Jason Delegates to Pat
  • Skills Practice: Trying a Real Delegation Scenario
  • Observer’s Worksheet

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