Enterprise COBOL Overview

COBOL Training Overview

The lecture / discussion course begins with an overview of COBOL history leading to changes for Enterprise COBOL

COBOL Training Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of the course, each student will be able to -

  • List the changed features of Enterprise COBOL
  • Discuss the purpose of UNICODE
  • Discuss the overall approach used for COBOL to JAVA access
  • Discuss additional Enterprise COBOL Features
COBOL Training Audience

The course is students who need an insight into the new / supported features and the no longer features of Enterprise COBOL compared to previous versions of COBOL.

COBOL Training Prerequisites

Familiarity with COBOL is needed.

COBOL Training Course duration

1/2 day

COBOL Training Course outline

  • New Features - Compatibility
  • Compatibility Items Overview
  • Obsolete Language Elements
  • JAVA
  • XML
  • Enterprise COBOL Additional Features

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