Enterprise COBOL Programming

COBOL Training Overview

The course begins with an overview of COBOL History leading to changes for Enterprise COBOL

The course continues with an overview of structured programming concepts.

The four divisions of a COBOL program and their functions are reviewed in detail.

Students will gain hands on experience through a series of class discussions and workshop exercises that include several modifications to a skeletal COBOL program.

File processing, program looping, conditional program statements, and table processing are covered in detail.

Development of clear and understandable program designs is stressed along with building maintainable programs.

Program debugging techniques are also discussed.

COBOL Training Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of the course, each student will be able to -

  • List the changed / new features of Enterprise COBOL
  • Design and develop structured programs
  • Define variables and build program code
  • Define / discuss the internal descriptions of data in a COBOL program
  • READ and WRITE files
  • Use IF, EVALUATE, PERFORM statements
  • Use arithmetic statements
  • Use explicit scope (END-) terminators
  • Load / process COBOL tables via indexes / subscripts
  • Analyze the File-Status field
  • Analyze a program abend
  • Debug a COBOL programís logic via displays and walk-thrus
  • Code COBOL Intrinsic Functions
  • Code COBOL calls to the Language Environment (LE)
  • Code COBOL Internal SORT
COBOL Training Audience

The course is for entry level students who must understand, design, code, test, and debug COBOL programs.

COBOL Training Prerequisites

Six months experience with TSO/ISPF is required.
No previous COBOL experience is needed.

COBOL Training Course duration

5 days

COBOL Training Course outline

  • New Features - Compatibility
  • Compatibility Items Overview
  • Obsolete Language Elements
  • XML
  • JAVA

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