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Lotus Quickr 8.5.1 User Essentials
Lotus Training Overview

Social networking tools provide a way for people to communicate and interact online. Lotus Quickr is a key element of IBM’s “Social Business” initiative that provides a new competitive advantage with an integrated set of social networking tools.

During this course you will learn how to use Lotus Quickr to share all types of content with your colleagues down the hall or around the globe using online libraries, blogs, wikis, discussions, and shared calendars and task lists.

You will learn how to create and secure new Places while serving as a Place Owner and Manager, add content using a variety of Item types as an Author, and serve as an Editor to validate and revise content.

You will also install and use the Quickr Connectors to share and work on files directly from other desktop applications.

Lotus Training Learning Objectives

In this course, you will learn how to:

  • Log in to the Domino Server running the Quickr software.
  • Open the three types of Places found on the Quickr Home Page.
  • Describe the Home Page features in a Standard Place for Teams Place.
  • Use the Table of Contents and breadcrumbs to navigate between Folders.
  • See what’s new in a Place in the last day or week.
  • Operate on Items open or selected in the current window.
  • Apply multiple layers of Quickr security including the permissions given by the Roles users can be assigned to.
  • Create various Item types.
  • Describe the purpose of a working draft as it relates to the check in/check out reservation mechanism and versioning.
  • Control how and where an Item is published.
  • Participate in a threaded discussion using Post and Response Items, and control how Items are displayed Folders.
  • Create new Folders and move Items to them.
  • Use shared Calendar and Tasks to coordinate activities with other Place Members.
  • Create and secure a New Place and invite users to become Members, create a new Folder from one of the Folder types, and create and secure a new Room in your Place.
  • Describe the various ways you can customize a Place to better meet the needs of its Members to share content.
  • Describe how email notification is integrated with Quickr to generate Place invitations, new content newsletters, calendar invitations, and task assignments.
  • Install and configure the Lotus Quickr Connectors and share files from other desktop applications.
  • Learn how to send links to files stored in Quickr rather than sending large attachments in emails.
  • Create a custom form and apply a workflow process to approve content before it is published.
Lotus Training Audience

This course assumes basic personal computer and software skills, and is designed for individuals who can:
  • start and stop software applications in Microsoft Windows
  • perform basic Windows operations, such as to manage windows, cut and paste, drag/drop, etc.
  • use Microsoft Windows Explorer to find and organize files
  • use the Internet Explorer browser to open and navigate Web sites
  • use any type of email client
  • create, format, and print documents using Microsoft Office or Lotus Symphony.
Lotus Training Course duration

This course is sold as a 1 day course, though there is an abundance of material that you probably won't have time to cover.

Course design

This course combines concept presentations, demonstrations, and exercises to guide your learning. Though designed for instructor-lead classes, with the proper equipment and software individuals can also use this course for self-study.

Please consult the Set Up document for this course to make sure the correct environment is in place before starting the course.

Lotus Training Course outline

Topic 1: Get Started

    Beyond conventional communication tools
    Social networking and collaboration tools
    Adding social networking tools to business systems
    Collaborative features in Quickr
    Who does what
    Generic Product Lifecycle Management process
    Exercise: When collaboration would be helpful
    Log in to the Quickr Web site
    Exercise: Log in to see My Places
    My Places area
    Quickr layout customization
    Lotus Quickr Help and resources
    Language support
    Dates and time zones

Topic 2: Standard Place for Teams PlaceType
    Exercise: Open the New Product Launch Place
    Standard Place for Teams features
    Table of Contents
    Home Page
    Place name and breadcrumb navigator
    More Actions button
    Place Actions button
    Library Folder
    New Upload Item from Upload button
    Read an Upload Item
    Exercise: Create and read an Upload Item
    Change an Upload Item
    Download and comment icons
    Sort by column
    Business card of author
    Options button
    More Actions button
    New button

Topic 3: Create New Place
    Who can create a new Place
    Exercise: Create new Standard Place for Teams Place
    Additional PlaceTypes

Topic 4: Place and Item Security
    Add Members to use your Place
    Using Groups from the Domino Directory
    Grant Access to Everyone
    Exercise: Add a Member to your Place
    Place Roles
    Exercise: Determine your Role
    Change the Role of one or more users
    Send an email to Members
    Item security
    Place Groups
    Users from outside your company
    Quickr licensing

Topic 5: Page, Imported File, and Link Items
    Page Item
    Place Home Page
    Exercise: Modify Home Page
    Imported File Item
    Link Page Item
    Exercise: Create a Link Page Item
    Link Page Items for a conditional Table of Contents

Topic 6: List Item
    Step 1: Create a List Item container
    Step 2: Create a default List Item in the container
    Customize the List Item fields
    Customize the List Item view
    Add a Column button
    Click column heading
    Column Properties
    Move selected column left or right
    Remove column
    More Actions button column
    Default column sort
    Exercise: Customize a List Item and view
    Import List Items from a file
    Export List Items to a file

Topic 7: Item Lifecycle
    Save as private draft
    Check Out/Check In
    Trash Folder

Topic 8: Quickr Connectors
    Download and install Quickr Connectors
    Add a Place using Places Monitor
    Places Monitor menu commands
    Quickr Places in Windows Explorer
    Quickr Items in Windows Explorer
    Microsoft Office connector
    Lotus Symphony connector
    Round trip editing of an Item
    Microsoft Outlook connector
    Lotus Notes connector
    Lotus Sametime connector

Topic 9: Folders
    Create new Folder (Simple List design)
    More Actions button in a Folder
    Simple List Folder properties
    Tabbed Folder design
    Slide Show Folder design
    Set Folder Access
    Folder and Item security interaction

Topic 10: Forums
    Forums area
    Topic and Reply Items
    Exercise: Create new Forum
    Topic and Reply features

Topic 11: Calendar
    Open Calendar
    Exercise: Create Event Item and test security
    Calendar overlay via iCalendar

Topic 12: Tasks
    New Task
    Mark a Task Item complete
    Task Folder All Tasks view
    Exercise: Create, assign, and complete a Task Item

Topic 13: Rooms
    Reasons to create a Room
    Create a Room
    Move Items and Folders to/from the Room
    Exercise: Create new Room
    Room Members
    Exercise: Allow access to Room

Topic 14: Customize\Basics
    Open Customize\Basics
    Security settings
    Delete a Place
    Customize or delete a Room

Topic 15: Subscriptions and Notifications
    Subscribe to a Feed
    Exercise: Configure daily Newsletter
    Workarounds to send Newsletters to Groups
    Calendar subscriptions
    Task assignment and completion notification
    Send email messages to a Place

Topic 16: Custom Forms and Workflow
    Overview of how to create a custom form
    Features automatically included in every custom form
    Exercise: Create custom form
    Place content in a specific Folder
    Exercise: Place Custom Item in Folder
    Workflow button
    No special workflow (Standard Workflow)
    Multiple Editors
    Simple Submit
    Exercise: Editor-In-Chief Workflow
    Approval Cycle
    Show/Hide and Reorder Forms
    Custom Forms and Quickr Connectors

Topic 17: Blog PlaceType
    Exercise: Create new Blog Place
    Blog security
    Exercise: Add a Blog Entry Item and comment
    Blog Settings
    Other Item and Folder types
    Discussion Folder
    Create a new Post in a Discussion Folder
    Respond to Discussion Post
    Discussion Folder layout options
    Show Folder Navigator
    Show Calendar and other Customize options

Topic 18: Wiki PlaceType
    Exercise: Create new Wiki Place
    Create new Wiki Page Item
    Other Item and Folder types
    Add Calendar

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