Securing Android Applications Version 4.2

Android Training Overview:

This course explores the Android mobile operating system from the perspective of user, application, and server security; and shows experienced Android developers how to apply best practices to secure their applications.

Android Training Prerequisites:

  • Java programming experience is required; Course, "Java Programming," is excellent preparation.
  • Introductory knowledge of Android programming is required: Course, "Introduction to Android Development," or similar
  • We recommend intermediate Android programming in advance of this course -- Course , "Intermediate Android Development" would be ideal -- but this is not required.
Android Training Objectives:

  • Understand the security characteristics of mobile computing, and the Android OS in particular.
  • Manage application data in a secure fashion.
  • Apply appropriate safeguards over entry points to applications, including intent filters, bound services, and broadcast receivers.
  • Use cryptography as appropriate, especially in remote communications.
  • Manage user credentials, including passwords and issued tokens.
Android Training Course duration:

1 Day

Android Training Course Topics:

Chapter 1. Mobile OS Security
  • Vulnerabilities of Mobile Systems
  • Security Overview of Android
  • For Comparison: iOS
  • Analysis and Areas of Concern
  • Digital Signature of Applications
  • Rooted Devices
  • Clickjacking
  • Best Practices
  • The OWASP Mobile Top 10
Chapter 2. Application Security
  • Permissions
  • Custom Permissions
  • Security Configuration
  • Storage Models
  • Internal Storage
  • USB, Bluetooth, WiFi, and External Media
  • File System Security
  • Encrypted File Systems
  • Injection Vulnerabilities
  • Inter-Process Communication
  • Guarding IPC Entrances
  • Services and Broadcast Receivers
  • Logging
Chapter 3. Remote Connectivity
  • Remote Connections from Mobile Devices
  • The INTERNET Permission
  • HTTP and HTTPS Communication
  • Keystores and Cryptography
  • Username/Password Login
  • Managing Credentials
  • HMACs
  • Managing Token Pairs
Appendix A. Learning Resources

System Requirements

Hardware Requirements (Minimum) : Core i5, 1.5 GHz, 4 gig RAM, 1 gig disk space.

Hardware Requirements (Recommended) : Core i5, 2.5 GHz GHz, 8 gig RAM, 1 gig disk space.

Operating System :Tested on Windows 7. Course software should be viable on all systems which support a Java 6 Developer's Kit.

Network and Security :Limited privileges required -- please see our standard security requirements.

Software Requirements :All free downloadable tools.

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